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Return Policy

AMT Tuning Return Policy 2021

By agreeing to the return policy I acknowledge that the performance software upgrade service performed to my vehicle hardware by AMT Tuning LTD; IS INTENDED ONLY FOR OFF-ROAD AND SANCTIONED RACE OR TRACK PURPOSES ONLY! Upgrades made to my vehicle are of my own responsibilty and not AMT Tuning LTD.

No returns are offered on any performance software for any vehicle make or model. All sales retaining to performance software upgrades for customer vehicle hardware are final.

Aftermarket parts purchased through AMT Tuning LTD, may be returned within 30 days of purchase, open box items shall be subject to a 20 percent of purchase price restocking fee. Aftermarket parts purchased for my vehicle are of my own responsibility and not AMT Tuning LTD.

No Warranty is offered to any Aftermarket Performance Products or Performance Software. If you wish to return your vehicle hardware to stock software configuration then you must pay for the return to stock service seperately.